Penis Enlargement Surgery NHS

Most people, whether they are male or female, will say that size of the penis is an important factor. Those people whose penises are small tend to suffer from lack of confidence and this can also affect them in many other ways. Some of these people decide to undergo penis enlargement surgery which is a costly procedure. If you are looking to cut costs of such a surgery, then you may be wondering about penis enlargement surgery NHS.

Penis Enlargement Surgery NHS

Penis enlargement surgery – private operations

Unfortunately, penis enlargement surgery is done almost entirely by private surgeons and is not available on the NHS. The only instance when you can be covered by penis enlargement surgery NHS is when you have a penis that is exceptionally small. This means that in the normal course of events, those who undergo penis enlargement surgery must expect to pay for the surgery from their own funds because they will not be covered by penis enlargement surgery NHS.


If you have a micro-penis then you can think about making use of penis enlargement surgery NHS. In other words, any male whose penis is not larger than 2.8 inches (in flaccid and stretched position) will need to get a GP or urologist to check them out. Such a condition normally only occurs when there is shortage of testosterone in the body but such a condition only occurs very rarely. Remember also that a small sized penis is not a micro-penis.

Not eligible

The fact that you are not normally eligible for penis enlargement surgery NHS means that before deciding to go in for such a form of surgery you must be sure that the expense and time is worth the effort. Remember that penis enlargement surgery can only (at best) make a flaccid penis slightly longer or wider and will not make any difference to the size of the penis when it is fully erect. This means that after penis enlargement surgery, you still will not enjoy any advantage while having sexual intercourse.

Furthermore, if the surgery goes wrong, the patient may suffer from various issues such as not being able to achieve erection and it can cause the penis to malfunction and even become disfigured. Since such risks are high and there are no real benefits to having such surgery, there is no reason why the NHS will cover for it. This means that you cannot qualify for penis enlargement surgery NHS.

Also, it will take a lot of convincing before you can get penis enlargement surgery NHS. Small sized penises are not reason enough for the NHS to cover you. What's more, most people that go in for male enlargement surgery have a normal sized penis anyway. Therefore, there is no way that they can be covered by penis enlargement surgery NHS.

In order to qualify for penis enlargement surgery NHS, a man must show that their penis is micro-sized and that the penis is really less than 2.8 cm in length. Few men have such a condition and so it is safe to conclude that penis enlargement surgery NHS is not for the average person.