Penis Enlargement Surgery Procedure

It is important to make doubly sure that you get your penis enlargement surgery procedure performed by a surgeon that has the required skills and experience to conduct the procedure safely and effectively. In fact, there are two different penis enlargement surgery procedure options to pick from and these include the one called enlargement phalloplasty which helps to lengthen the penis and the other is girth enlargement that increases the width of the penis.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Procedure

Penis enlargement surgery to lengthen or widen the penis

Both these penis enlargement surgery procedures are surgical and they need to be performed individually. However, it is also possible to choose a penis enlargement surgery procedure that helps to lengthen and widen the penis in one go.

How long does it take?

Mostly, penis enlargement surgery procedure takes about an hour to complete and it has to be performed on a patient after they have been put under general anesthetic. Sometimes, it is necessary to include circumcision as part of a penis enlargement surgery procedure.

Elongate the penis

If you are looking to lengthen your penis, then the surgeon needs to make a small incision at the penis's base. Next, he will cut some ligaments that attach the penis and body together. The result of this is that the penis will start extending further out of the body. The end result is that the penis will not actually become longer but more of the penis will stick out from the patient's body.

Increase the girth

The other penis enlargement surgery procedure is one that will increase the girth of the penis. In this procedure, the surgeon will try to sew up strips of fat taken from below the skin of the patient's penis. This penis enlargement surgery procedure is called dermal fat grafting. Another option available to the surgeon is to inject some fatty tissues into the patient's penis. This kind of procedure is known as fat transfer.

Once a particular penis enlargement surgery procedure has been carried out, the patient will be required to take about seven days off from work. During this time they will need to rest and recuperate from the surgery. In addition, it is also important for the patient to maintain absolutely clean hygiene. Sometimes, the sutures might dissolve but if they do not then they will have to be removed after a week or two weeks.

While recuperating after the penis enlargement surgery procedure, it is recommended that the patient does not attempt to swim or exercise for at least one month. Sexual activities must only be resumed after six weeks following penis enlargement surgery. After the completion of the penis enlargement surgery procedure, the penis will start looking either longer or wider – depending on which kind of procedure was performed. If the procedure included both lengthening and widening the penis then after the surgery it will start looking longer and wider. However, this will not help to make the penis longer when it is in an erect condition.

In case the penis enlargement surgery procedure involved fat transfer, then the results will not be permanent and will gradually fade away with the passage of time. It is also important to weigh the risk factors before choosing a particular penis enlargement surgery procedure.