Penis Enlargement Surgery Recovery

Normally, penis enlargement surgery recovery starts on the very same day when the surgery is performed. In fact, after the surgery, the patient will be asked to spend a night in the hospital which is when the recovery period actually begins. During penis enlargement surgery recovery, it is necessary for the patient to consume antibiotics which the surgeon prescribes during the course of the penis enlargement surgery. These antibiotics provide a means to combat and prevent infections which are a very common complication following penis enlargement surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Recovery

Penis enlargement surgery – pain or other problems

If the patient experiences extraordinary pain or any other kind of problem, then this should be immediately reported to the surgeon. During penis enlargement surgery recovery, the patient will need to wear underwear that is loose fitting and the same is the case with their other clothing. If an inflatable implant was inserted during the surgery, it will then also be necessary to ensure that proper support is available to the scrotal pump. This is done to help ensure that the scrotal pump remains in its proper place during the healing as well as penis enlargement surgery recovery period.

Managing pain

If, during the penis enlargement surgery recovery period, the patient feels pain then this needs to be managed at an early stage which can be done with taking of oral narcotic painkillers. If you are taking these painkillers, then you must not drive a vehicle. During the first four weeks of the penis enlargement surgery recovery period, pain will be experienced by the patient but this will also start to diminish gradually. It is also important to limit any kind of activities of a physical kind and those should only be resumed once the pain has subsided completely.

One month period

Normally, penis enlargement surgery recovery period of one month is necessary before attempting any kind of activity that is physical and strenuous. Similarly, the patient needs to wait for a month before trying engaging in sexual activity. However, this can be delayed further in case the pain persists and also if the penis continues to feel tender.

It is also safe to say that penis enlargement surgery recovery, in the absence of complications, will be quick and the patient can look forward to resuming work after a few days. However, they must not attempt sex for about six weeks.

The patient must always follow the instructions provided to them by their surgeon who will inform the patient about what they should and should not do during the penis enlargement surgery recovery period. It is also up to the surgeon to decide when the patient is fit enough to be discharged from the hospital. If the surgery was performed under local anesthesia, then it is quite likely that the patient will be allowed to return on the day of the surgery. Otherwise, they will need to spend a night at the facility.

During the penis enlargement surgery recovery period, it is important for the patient to rest and recuperate and allow the soreness and pain to recede. The penis will also be covered with some surgical dressing and this dressing will have to be changed regularly. To ensure the success of your penis enlargement surgery recovery period, be sure to massage the penis everyday (with Vaseline) and also stick to your aftercare appointments.