Penis Enlargement Surgery Risks

Before paying for penis enlargement surgery, it is a good idea to find out a little bit more about penis enlargement surgery risks. This is because there are certain risks that are associated with this kind of surgery and in addition, there are certain side effects that also can lead to some unwanted psychological and physical damage to the patient.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Risks

Penis enlargement surgery – high risk factors

The simple truth about penis enlargement surgery risks is that penis enlargement surgery is an option that carries with it a high risk factor. The biggest penis enlargement surgery risk that needs to be addressed is that of damage done during the surgery. If this happens, then the damage done can become permanent. Worse still, the damage (in most cases) cannot be reversed. in other words, if something goes wrong during the surgery, then the patient may be left with a penis that malfunctions and which even becomes deformed. Such problems will then trouble the patient for the rest of their lives.

Inherent risks

Another way of evaluating penis enlargement surgery risks is by looking at certain risks that are inherent in penis enlargement surgery. In fact, if a patient suffers from allergic reactions to anesthesia or certain kinds of medications or if they have a heart problem or blood pressure issue, then it is very risky to undergo penis enlargement surgery.

No guarantee

Another major penis enlargement surgery risk is that there is no guarantee that the surgery will succeed. In addition, such an option is not guaranteed or even endorsed by any big name medical organization. The most that one can expect from this surgery is that it will make your flaccid penis look a bit wider or longer. At the same time, this does not in any way mean that the actual size of the erect penis will increase.

There are also certain medical penis enlargement surgery risks such as suffering from fever and infections. In addition, the scrotum might swell up and pus might drain out and the patient can also suffer from loss of sensitivity and scarring is another risk that they will need to contend with. Other penis enlargement surgery risks include pressure and/or discomfort from the implant, and the patient can also suffer from impotency and urinary incontinence as well as suffer from non-stop pain.

Infections (post the surgery) are a major risk and affect about twenty percent of people that undergo penis enlargement surgery. If this happens, then it is necessary to remove the implants. On the other hand, erosion can take place and it is known to affect between 1 and 3 percent of all those who have undergone this surgery. If this happens, then the device needs to be removed.

Malfunctioning implants are another one of the main penis enlargement surgery risks and are known to affect between ten and fifteen percent of patients in the first five years following the implant. All these factors point out the fact that risks associated with this form of surgery are quite high. Perhaps this is why the American Urological Association has not found it necessary to recommend such surgery for normal use. Impotence is a major risk that you will need to worry about and furthermore, even after the surgery; there will not be any significant improvement in frequency or even quality of your erection.