Penis Enlargement Surgery Scars

Penis enlargement surgery scars are mostly quite unavoidable and will develop only after the surgery has been completed. However, the good news is that these scars are actually indicators that the healing process has begun. At the same time, there is also no denying the fact that penis enlargement surgery scars are quite unsightly and will remain a permanent reminder of the surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Scars

Penis enlargement surgery – factors that affect the appearance of the scars

The actual appearance of the penis enlargement surgery scars depends on a number of factors. If the area in which the scars develop is thin – as in the case of the penis's shaft – then the scarring will be quite unnoticeable. However, if the skin where the scars develop is thick then the penis enlargement surgery scars will be much more noticeable. These blemishes become more noticeable on account of the fact that the skin section had to be closed with sutures.

Looks different on different people

It is important to realize that penis enlargement surgery scars will look different on different people. Caucasians, for example, will develop red colored blemishes while in the case of Afro-Americans, they will be darker brown. Depending on the skills of the surgeon, the blemishes will either be very noticeable or they can be less prominent. Some surgeons are expert enough to perform what is referred to as scarless surgery.

Occurs in different places

Penis enlargement surgery scars can occur in different areas. In the case of Phalloplasty which is a common form of surgery that helps to elongate the penis, the blemish will be hidden by the person's pubic hair. Liposuction is also used to increase the width of the penis and in this case there will be several scars that however will not be more than 1/16th of an inch big and which are nothing worse than dimples.

Sometimes, the surgeon may need to transplant some amount of fat from the buttock region and inject this into the penis. This procedure is often used to widen the penis but at the same time it will definitely also lead to formation of penis enlargement surgery scars as well as bumps. What's more, this form of surgery also does not offer a permanent solution on account of the fact that with the passage of time, the body starts to absorb the transplanted fatty cells and these results in loss of girth of the penis.

If the surgeon chooses to use dermal grafts which are a way of increasing the girth of the penis, then tissue will have to be taken from epidermis of certain parts of the body. This will then be grafted to the person's penis and in the process some amount of scarring will take place. The amount of scarring will depend on how much epidermal flap was removed and grafted.

Alloderm is another highly popular means of increasing the girth of the penis. In this surgical operation, no penis enlargement surgery scars form because there is hardly any penile micro-suturing. For those people that are very worried about penis enlargement surgery scars, the best option for them in order to minimize these blemishes is by picking the most highly qualified and experienced surgeon. Only a highly qualified surgeon knows how to perform the surgery without causing excessive scarring.